A Practical Handbook on Developing Dataflow Programming Systems

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Dataflow concepts are the heart of Reactive Programming, Flow-Based Programming (e.g. NoFlo), Unix pipes, Actors and message passing in general.

Dataflow-based systems are easy to design once you understand the large number of implementation details that could drastically change how the system operates. Understanding these vectors of change is important so you don’t waste your time developing the wrong system.

By the end of the book you will understand…

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NoFlo - An implementer's guide to dataflow and reactive programming systems, a Kickstarter worth our support!

NoFlo is a Flow-Based Programming environment for JavaScript

Jonas Boner, CTO of Typesafe - Dataflow and Reactive Programming Systems - upcoming book

Jonas Boner, CTO of Typesafe

Some Quotes from Readers...
"When I saw your book I was like "FINALLY" the world has woken up to dataflow." - Stewart Mackenzie
"I like to pay some attention to new developments... but don't always have the time..., "straight to the chase" books like the one you are proposing to write are very valuable." - Samuel Rødal

Table of Contents

2 Dataflow Explained 3 Actor Model 4 Flow-Based Programming 5 Communicating Sequential Processes 6 Implicit Dataflow 7 Asynchronous Dataflow Implementation 8 Synchronous Dataflow Implementation 9 Dynamic Dataflow Implementation Glossary Bibliography
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